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October 11

10:00 AM CDT

Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models in Stata

Become familiar with a typical DSGE model and how easy it is to estimate its parameters using Stata. Learn how to interpret the estimates dsge produces and how to further explore the results using impulse?response functions, policy matrices, and transition matrices.

-David Schenck, Senior Econometrician

November 01

10:00 AM CDT

Nonlinear multilevel mixed-effects models using Stata

Learn how to use menl to fit nonlinear mixed-effects models that contain random intercepts and slopes at different grouping levels and with different covariance structures for both the random effects and within-subject errors.

-Houssein Assaad, Senior Statistician and Software Developer

November 28

10:00 AM CDT

Bayesian analysis using Stata

Join us for an intuitive introduction to Bayesian analysis and a demonstration of fitting Bayesian regression models using Stata. Learn how easy it is to use Stata's bayes prefix to fit Bayesian regressions and how you can specify priors, compare models, check convergence, and perform interval hypothesis testing.

-Chuck Huber, Senior Statistician

December 12

10:00 AM CDT

Extended regression models (ERMs) using Stata

Discover how ERMs can be used when you're concerned about sample selection, nonrandom treatment assignment, or endogenous regressors. ERMs provide a unifying framework for handling these complications individually or in combination.

-David Drukker, Executive Director of Econometrics


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